DF Process

[table class=”processing”] |Processing & Posting (CR2, NEF, TIF, 3FR/FFF)[attr colspan=”2″]|Posting Only (JPG, TIF, DNG)[attr colspan=”2″] NUMBER OF IMAGES[attr class=”th2 wide” ]|ORGANIZED[attr class=”th2″]|UNORGANIZED[attr class=”th2″]|ORGANIZED[attr class=”th2″]|UNORGANIZED[attr class=”th2″] Per Image|$5|–|$2|–
Up to 100|$75|$100|$25|$50
Up to 200|$100|$125|$50|$75
Up to 300|$150|$175|$75|$125
Up to 400|$200|$250|$100|$150
Up to 500|$250|$300|$125|$175
Up to 1,500|$500|$675|$150|$225
Up to 5,000|$750|$825|$250|$325
[attr class=”bl”]|48 hour turn-around for organized jobs & 72 hour turn-around for unorganized jobs.[attr colspan=”4″ class=”note”] [/table]

Organization includes renaming, separation by setup or group, per client’s instructions • Rush service is available: 24 hour + 50%, 12 hour + 100%

Processing is completed with color “as is”, custom color additional by quote at $75 per hour • Processing 16-bit files is 100% additional

Additional fees apply for delivery of all processed files.