DF Studio


About DF Studio

DF Studio is a product of DigitalFusion, a premiere digital photography equipment rental & post-production facility based in Los Angeles, operating globally. DigitalFusion was founded in 1999 as an all-digital alternative to conventional photo-chemical processes being used by professional photographers. As an industry leader in the areas of scanning, digital capture, retouching, and digital printing, DigitalFusion has spearheaded many technologically advanced post-production processes for professional photographers. DF Studio was born out of the company’s continued innovation in the area of all-digital photographic workflows.

Our Team

DF Studio is built by an experienced team of engineers with a track record of successful software developed at companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 corporations. Notable prior accomplishments include a CRM solution for processing automotive service records that power business-critical dashboards, and the music feed processor that drives the core of the Amazon MP3 Music Store catalog, a technology that continues to be used today.

The engineering team at DF Studio is dynamic. They are involved in all areas of operations in order to build a product that is relevant to our customers’ needs, not just tools that look good in brochures.


Run on Amazon Web Services, DF Studio provides mission-critical reliability and enterprise scalability. DF Studio utilizes state of the art engineering: dependency injection, event system, asynchronous task engine, and no-schema high performance databases. The team regularly balances curiosity, productivity and advancement, integrating new technologies that improve the product.

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