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DFLA Featured in Resource Magazine’s “EQ Rental Guide 2014”

From Resource Magazine‘s “EQ Rental Guide 2014“:

“2014 will be the 10-year anniversary of a lot of important and memorable things. What happened in 2004? Well, let’s backtrack. A Harvard student named Mark Zuckerberg launched a little website called The Facebook, which—and this may TOTALLY BLOW YOUR MIND—ended up being what’s known today as Facebook. *cue surprised gasps* Janet Jackson’s infamous 2004 “wardrobe malfunction” at that year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show with Justin Timberlake paved the way for toned-down snooze-fests such as, oh I dunno, every single Super Bowl Halftime Show since then. But, at least in our photo world, right up there on the Mount Everest of ten-year anniversaries this year is that of Digital Fusion’s DFLA Equipment Rental and Digital Tech.


When DFLA opened, they were one of the first all-inclusive digital tech and equipment services on the West Coast. They were ahead of the curve during the industry-wide transition to digital, shaking things up in California’s equipment rental game by developing a personalized delivery method that makes rental easy as pie (and great store-bought pie at that!). These guys are true pros, embodying dedication, innovation and professionalism that is nothing short of world-class. Boasting a rich history, clientele list and level of experience, if you’re in need of digital equipment in Los Angeles, where your first stop should be is pretty damn clear. Ten years and going strong—they’ve certainly fared better than Janet Jackson.”




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